The theme of the 2011 AIA National Conference was “Natural Artifice” and this was  explored in the submitted Cinecity films. 

"While humankind is as reliant as ever on nature, our experience of what is “natural” is  mediated by technology. From birth, this artifice is intrinsic in all encounters with nature. There are amazing results now evident in a world where designers are apprehending the powerful relationship between that which is natural and that which is artificial in a contemporary and meaningful way for our time. This year’s conference brings together  speakers from five continents and three generations, each of whom has a potent vision for how we might locate nature in an artificial world."  - 2011 Conference Creative Directors

Exhibition of Selected Films & Panel Discussion at The Australian Institute of Architects National Conference, Melbourne Exhibition Center 16 April 2011. 

Screening and following panel discussion with:

Juhani Pallasmaa (Helsinki University of Technology ) 
Michael Tawa (University of Sydney) 
Richard Sowada (ACMI) 
Des Smith (Deakin University) 
Fooch (Squint Opera) 
Daniel Flood & Sam Slicer (Flood & Slicer) 
Chair: Sarah Breen Lovett (University of Sydney)