“The submission requirements were brilliant in their precision and yet allowed for some very successful and imaginative works both in content and in filmic concepts.” – Architect Bernard Tschumi

“The Cinecity Architectural Film Project has been a wonderful and playful opportunity for architects to explore and express their ideas about architecture through film.  In the constrained format of 60 unedited seconds, it has both invited and tested entrants to exercise their capacity for innovation and vision, with some outstanding results.” - President of the AIA Shelley Penn 

“We are very excited to have the Cinecity Architectural Film Project screening during the 2013 National Architecture Conference. Like cinema, the design process for architecture requires us to lure our clients in to 'the suspension of disbelief.' Built form, for all it's material qualities, relies heavily on visual effects and atmosphere, perhaps this is why French filmmaker and writer Rene Clair once noted 'The art that is closest to cinema is architecture.' We look forward to seeing the outputs of artists, architects and film makers that will suspend our disbelief on what material in architecture might mean." - Directors of Cinecity Conference 2013 Sandra Kaji-O’Grady & John de Manincor

In 2013 International cyberspace participants made 60-second films, in response to the theme of the 2013 Australian National Architecture Conference, ‘Material’. Exploring architectural relationships between the material and immaterial, the real and imaginary, the idea and building. 24 shortlisted Films were selected from 88 submissions by a panel of judges, highly esteemed in the realm of architectural film. These films were screened on May 31st 2013 at Federation Square Melbourne, in a fringe event aligned with the National Architecture Conference.

In 2013 The judge's choices for Cinecity Films are as follows:

Bernard Tschumi
1. Pete Gomes: Path 1
2. ShMoJo: 57 Spring Street
3. Amanda Clarke:  A Drifting Up
Commendation: Lindsay Sawyer : The City is the People
Commendation: Eva Marosy-Weide : Untitled
1. Amanda Clarke: A Drifting Up
2. Lindsay Sawyer: The City is the People
3. Reuben Nanda: Cognitive Dissonance in Space
1. Amanda Morgan: Impermanence no 9
2. Eva Marosy Weide: Untitled
Joint 3. Lindsay Sawyer: The City is the People 
Joint 3. Rupert Owen: Wifly Dovecote
1. R.O. : Inland
2. Sabine de Schutter : Rim
3. ShMoJo : 57 Spring Street 

Ricarda Vidal
1. Amanda Clark: A Drifting Up
2. Alex Chomicz: Dreaming of Immateriality
3. ShMojo: 57 Spring Street
Commendation: Alex Chomicz : Glass Ceiling
1. Amanda Morgan: Impermanence #9
2. Alex Chomicz: Glass Ceiling
3. Lindsay Sawyer: The City is People
1. ShMoJo : 57 Spring Street
2. Alex Chomicz : Dreaming of Immateriality
3. Farzane Haghighi : City through the Moving Glass

CINECITY SHORTLIST (Selected by Curators)

Sundial: Ryhs Jenkins & Frazer Macfarlane
Gate: Fugitive Images
Francis Matthews, Stephen Mulhall & Paul Quinn: Ghost Estate
Roberto Arce: The Other Language
Cyrille Lallement: Tecture
Mathew Hynam: Cincinnati Jump Cut
John Gatip, Ale Cordova, Andy Ukhtomsky, Tim Joe Mak:
The Immaterial Transcript
Diogo Morato: Parking the Wind
Hanna Lewi: 1946
Richard Goodwin: Mystic Alien Departure
Mark McQuilten: Frosty