"We are delighted that the annual Cinecity Architectural Film Competition will be screened as part of the Australia Institute of Architects Conference Events program, we are intrigued to see how the films will explore the Conference Theme: Making."             
 Sam Crawford, Adam Haddow and Helen Norrie Creative Directors the National Architecture Conference 2014

In a fringe event aligned with the 2014 Australian Institute of Architects National Conference, Cinecity Architectural Film Project has invited local and international submissions of films which are a 60 second continuous in camera shot. These are architectural films which explore the Conference Directors theme: MAKING. This theme explore ideas about making architecture, which extend upon traditional practice approaches, challenging relationships between architecture and the cultural, the economic, the social and the political. The Conference subthemes are: making culture: to process, making life: to transform, making connections: to engage and making impact: to act.

30 shortlisted films* which explore the conference theme and adhere to the Cinecity submission format, are put forward to the panel of esteemed judges. Each judge choose and scored their top film; signed certificates will be issued to each judges first choice, with an overall first place prize of $1000 AUD.

We are proud to announce that the Judges for Cinecity 2014 were:

National Conference Directors Choice by:

We are delighted to announce the Winner, Judges Choice and Commended films from Cinecity 2014.


Francis Matthews
Judge’s Choice: Francois Penz
Judge’s Choice: Geoffrey London
Judge’s Choice: Penelope Seidler

Highly Commended by Tony Hill
Highly Commended by Sam Crawford, Helen Norrie & Adam Haddow 


Amy Czarkowski
Judge’s Choice:  Sam Crawford, Helen Norrie & Adam Haddow
Highly Commended by Emma Williamson

Ted Sonnenschein
Judge’s Choice:  Zaha Hadid
Judge’s Choice:  Emma Williamson

Amy Lunn
Judge’s Choice: Tony Hill
Highly Commended by Francois Penz


Diogo Morato
Highly Commended by Emma Williamson
Highly Commended by Francois Penz
Highly Commended by Geoffrey London
Commended by Tony Hill

Eleanor Suess
Highly Commended by Geoffrey London
Commended by Francois Penz

Edward Couper And Allie Piehn
Highly Commended by Sam Crawford, Helen Norrie & Adam Haddow

Vernon Cheung
Highly Commended by Geoffrey London

Amanda Morgan
Highly Commended by Emma Williamson


Namfon Udomlertlak
Commended by Francois Penz

Susanne Chan
Commended by Tony Hill

Alien Oosting
South Africa
Commended by Tony Hill

Situ Studio
Commended by Tony Hill


Atelier Red + Black, Alex Chomicz, Alien Oosting, Amanda Morgan,
Amy Czarkowski, Amy Lunn, Arya Sukapura Putra, Diogo Morato,
Donald Daedalus, Edward Couper and Allie Piehn, Eleanor Suess,
Eric Mukalazi, Alex Lyons, Mugeni Mukanga and Thomas Aquilina ,
Francis Matthews, Hannah Wenham, Ian Aw, Imogen Birch,
Jakub Gozdziewicz , Juan Zamora, Lena Obergfell, Marty Bignell and
Andrew Steen, Myles Prangnell, Namfon Udomlertlak, Philip Ma,
Sabine De Schutter, Situ Studio, Susanne Chan, Ted Sonnenschein,
UDMK, Vernon Cheung, Yeliz Yorulmaz and Baki Kocaballi.


PERTH - 9th May from 8pm
Making:Fun Festival Fringe Event, at Perth - State Theatre Centre

SYDNEY - 30 May from 8.30 sharp
Vivid Ideas, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.

MELBOURNE  - 25 July 6pm
Testing Grounds, 1-23 City Road, Southbank Melbourne

CANBERRA  -  14th August 6pm
EmAGN - The Street Theatre

LISBON - 26th September 3.30pm
Architecture Film Festival
Experimentalism Program  

The shortlisted films are selected by the curators Louise Mackenzie and Sarah Breen Lovett. These shortlisted films were then sent to the judges for viewing, Each judges chooses and scores their first choice film, based on a series of parameters, the film with highest score will win the first prize.  The shortlist and judging criteria is based on the technical parameters laid out in the brief and thematic engagement with the Conference Theme 
"Making" in architecture. The curators and judges decisions are final and further discussion will not be entered into. 

Cinecity 2014 is supported by The University of Sydney. The screening in Perth is presented  by  Metropolitan Re-development Authority Western Australia and The National Architecture Conference Fringe Events team Making:Fun. Cinecity screening in Sydney is an event collaborator of Vivid Ideas Exchange. Cinecity in Perth is presented  by Testing Grounds and Cinecity in Canberra presented by ACT EmAGN.